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Content Item - Creatures of Habit - a membership predicament

Creatures of Habit – a book written by former D9520 Membership Chair Mark Huddleston about understanding and disrupting the patterns of service club membership decline.

Creatures of Habit explains how yesterday's actions brought about today's membership predicament, and why today's response is so important for Rotary's future. It  also looks at how to overcome the recruitment barriers we put in place. Cost $24.90 available from www.sfzpublishing.net


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Content Item - Generosity funds Cancer Research

GENEROSITY: (Right) Dr Mike Fay and Rockhampton North Rotary 'Calendar for Cancer' team donate to Cancer Research. Eric Anderson, Dr Fay, Keith Ireland, Bryce Davey and President Rod Green.

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Photo Gallery - Rotary Images

Rotary - People of Action.  These photo tell the stories of Rotarians at work and at play as they go about making a difference  in communities here and abroad.

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