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Content Item - World Polio Day

.The world has a historical opportunity to stop transmission, with fewer cases in 2016 to date than in any previous year - help us to End Polio and donate now

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Content Item - END POLIO Campaign


Eradicating polio will be one of the greatest public health achievements in history and ensure that every child – now and for generations to come – will be able to live a polio-free life. 

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Content Item - Rotary welcomes Australian Government’s $100 million commitment to polio eradication

Rotary welcomes Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s announcement of $100 million commitment for polio eradication and routine immunisations.

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Content Item - Can Rotary End Polio?

Why doesn’t Justin Bieber have polio?

If you asked what former politician Kim Beazley, actors Mia Farrow and Alan Alda, musicians Joni Mitchell and Neil Young, golfer Jack Nicklaus, movie director Francis Ford Coppola and a woman in India who walks on all fours all have in common, few people would be able to identify the common link between them.

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Content Item - Rotary to challenge Oprah Winfrey’s Sydney Harbour Bridge climb to raise funds to eradicate polio worldwide

Rotarians from around the globe will come together in Sydney to beat a world record currently held by Oprah Winfrey and raise funds for polio eradication.

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Content Item - Launching the Global Fight Against Polio

It was during the term of an Australian Rotary International President, Queensland's Clem Renouf in 1979 that Rotary International first took up the international fight to stop polio.

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