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Content Item - 5000 Poppies at Fromelles, France, July 2016

5000 Poppies at Fromelles, France, July 2016

After an introduction by former Waverley Rotary Club President Chris Prior to Jean-Pierre Engelen, Gouverneur of R.C. Armentieres, France, the 5000 Poppies team arrived in France to a wonderfully warm welcome by the Armentieres Rotarians at a “Cobbers Night” dinner in honour of those Australians who served and sacrificed for France in WWI. 

On the following day, installation commenced at the Cobbers memorial (Australian Memorial Park) in Fromelles.

Some 13 volunteers from Australia joined with a group of local Rotarians from Bethune Artois and Armentieres who welcomed us with open arms and worked alongside us planting poppies. A number of Australians who happened to be in the area also pitched in, and the Australian Armed Forces also joined us

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