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SUPERTEE _ Every Child Deserves to be a Super Hero

Being diagnosed with a medical condition and a schedule of invasive treatment is scary for anyone, let alone a child.


Any child who faces the challenges of illness, medical treatments and long hospital stays is a superhero… so they should look the part when they go into battle!


Introducing SuperTees!

A SuperTee is a specially designed top that is easily accessed from the top or sides for use in a medical environment and is styled to look like a superhero dress up – cape and all! It has underarm openings for taking a patient’s temperature, side and shoulder openings for access to tubes and feeding lines. Traditionally a patient would have to take off their top or wear a hospital robe, which is very uncomfortable. By giving a child the opportunity to feel like a superhero, it gives them the power to feel strong, powerful and brave during their daunting treatment.

Inspired by Cameron Aloisi, a young boy who had cancer treatment at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital and in Sydney, Rotarian Brian Wybrow was motivated to make a difference but partnerships are the key to achieving dreams. On Monday 2 September, the Rotary Club of Mobilong delivered its first 50 Supertees to the Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation. These Supertees have now been delivered to the Hospital by the Foundation and are being handed out too little superheroes.

Every next 12 months, the Rotary Club of Mobilong will be fundraising for an additional 300 Supertees to be distributed into the Hospital.  

The Rotary Club of Mobilong (9520 SA) and the Women's & Children's Hospital Foundation are helping little superheroes fight big battles.



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