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A Story from Sabu

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Sabu is located 250km west of Kupang in West Timor and has a population of approximately 60,000, predominantly Christian. The Sabunese are mostly subsistence farmers and fishermen living in remote outlying villages.

John Manks, of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris, Vic, visited the island when travelling through Indonesia in 2006. He recognised the urgent need for an improvement in the availability of clean water on Sabu. As a result, a Matching Grant project was initiated, resulting in the Sabu Water Well project, with 22 wells being constructed.

The Sabu story continues, with many more wells being built – now in excess of 30 – as well as the initialisation of other worthwhile projects, such as support for students with provision of accommodation, funds for food, school fees and school equipment, provision of mosquito nets – malaria is a major problem on Sabu – and improvement of sanitation.

Now women don’t have to walk for hours each day to fetch water, fresh vegetables can be grown in the villages, children receive secondary education and can go on to university, and less are dying from malaria or becoming sick from malnutrition and poor sanitation.

All this is possible due to the ongoing commitment of the Rotary Club of Beaumaris and the support of Rotary clubs of Kupang, Indonesia, Brighton North, Vic, Seminyak, Bali and Feldbach, Austria, as well as the many friends of Rotary who have generously contributed. Since 2012 more than $60,000 has been provided for the Sabu projects.

Pastor Franz Lackner, an Austrian missionary who has been on Sabu for more than 30 years, has provided significant local support for all the projects.

Rotary has “Made a Difference” to the people of Sabu.

For more information visit beaumarisrotary.com/sabu-hostel-project

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