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Being a teacher, Noela was captivated by the children, but horrified by the school facilities, with no readily available water, dilapidated classrooms, unhygienic and primitive kitchen facilities and horrific toilets. On her return to Brisbane, Noela shared her impressions, which resulted in High-Rise conducting a fundraising project to provide a water tank. This was installed in 2010.

The Mamba school had captured the attention of Brisbane High-Rise, leading to another project to build a new classroom. This was completed and officially opened in early 2012, coinciding with a visit by a number of High-Rise members.

To fund further projects it was decided to apply for a global grant. Fortunately, a Rotary club had just been established in Rombo; the region in which the school is located. Brisbane High-Rise partnered with a local club, the Rotary Club of Mkuu Rombo, in the grant application as well as the development and implementation of building projects.

During 2013 the Global Grant was approved and work on the first stage of the project began. This was the renovation/re-build of two of the school’s original classrooms. Work on the classrooms was managed and supervised by Kimario, of the Rotary Club of Mkuu Rombo. The classrooms were completed early in 2014, just in time for another visit by members of the Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise. The classrooms were officially opened on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.

The High-Rise group of nine was led by current President, Wendy Protheroe. The group travelled to the school via a visit to the club rooms of Mkuu Rombo where they were welcomed by President Swai, Assistant Governor Shao and members of the club. It was then onto the Mamba school for a rousing welcome from the children, the principal Mr Samba, teachers, the school council and local community leaders. The official opening of the two classrooms was conducted by the two club Presidents. Members of the High-Rise team were impressed by the quality of the final classrooms – an enormous improvement on their previous rundown condition.

There are two more stages to the project; the next is focused on a kitchen rebuild and finally a rebuild of the toilet facilities. Finalising the projects will contribute to the enhancement of the educational experience for all children at the school, as well as assisting in a dramatic improvement in health and hygiene conditions at the school. The aim is to complete these final two stages by the end of June, well in advance of another visiting group from High-Rise in January 2015.

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