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Tourism in Cambodia making a world of difference

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Since 2011, the Rotary Club of Melbourne South, Vic, in conjunction with “killing fields” survivor Rithy Lay, have been running humanitarian tours to Cambodia through their World of Difference program. The tours visit Rotary supported projects, villages and schools in need of Rotary support and participants provide donations and volunteering.

Twenty-year-old Abbey Kick recently took part in one of the tours and said what we saw and experienced completely changed her outlook on life.

“During the tour we volunteered with non-English speaking children and young people. I was taken aback by their continual determination to learn and this warmed my heart.

“Walking through remote villages in desperate need of our help, we experienced first-hand how valuable the donations and money raised by people help the Cambodian people. Through World of Difference, the connection with Rithy Ann and his selfless dedication, the leadership of Bronwyn Stephens and now, the fire in my and many others bellies, the difference we can make has inspired me.

“Kampong Speu, a village previously riddled with disease and without food or clean water, is now a village with crop-filled paddocks, water damns, livestock and even a school.

“Cambodia is such a beautiful country with so much to see and experience. The people inspired me each and every day of the tour. The tour, while sometimes heartbreaking, showed me so much hope and inspiration. We really can make a World of Difference!”

For further information on the World of Difference program visit www.wod.org.au or www.facebook.com/WODHT

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