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TOP 10 Publications for Membership Development

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1. Connect for Good (formerly Rotary Basics)

An eight-page brochure produced by Rotary International outlining Rotary and its many projects. Great for prospective and new members. It also comes in a snappy multi-media version, just perfect as a link on club websites.

Rotary International website: Type: ‘Connect for Good’ in the search bar.

2. 101 Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Members

Tried and true techniques for recruting and retaining members. It was written by Rotarians in District 9780 and is a great place to go when you've just run out of ideas, or you think you've tried everything.

3. Rotary on the move

This monthly newsletter is packed with ideas for membership development and growth, and includes great information from clubs. To subscribe email Noel Travaskis: n.trevaskis@bigpond.com

4. Empower your Rotary Club with RI Resources for Membership Development

This is a quick and easy summary of all the Rotary International publications and resources for membership and club development.

Rotary International website: Type: Learn Topic Membership in the search bar. 

5. Rotary Video Magazine

A perfect filler for meetings, conferences and other events. Rotary Video Magazine contains short, professionally produced videos about a host of Rotary projects across all areas of service.

Rotary International website: Type:  Rotary Video Magazine in the search bar.

6. ABC's of Rotary

This brochure, available from Rotary International's online shop, is a complilation of informative articles about Rotary history and projects. Partciularly suitable for prospective and new members, or event the older members!

7. Club Assessment Tools

Rotary International's Club Assessment Tools are a great starting point, and a companion to teh Membership Development Resource Guide. The tools provide survey-like resources to assess member satisfaction, club diversity and classification diversity. It even contains an exit survey for resigning members. 

Rotary International Website:Type: Club Assessment Tools in the search bar.

8. Membership Development Resource Guide

Despite its 40 pages, this is an easy to read guide for clubs wishing to get serious about membership development and growth.

Rotary International Website: Type: Membership Development Resource Guide in the search bar.

9. Membership Resources for Rotary Clubs and Districts

A 'one-stop shop' for all Rotary International membership material. If you're not sure what you're looking for, this is a great place to start. It also has fantastic, up-to-date membership data - perfect as a filler in a club bulletin!

Rotary International Website: Type: Learn Topic Membership in the search bar. 

10. Membership Minute

Rotary International also produces a regular email membership newsletter containing development ideas, tips and tools. It regularly features the latest Rotary research, strategies to atttract members, and tips to retain existing members. Subscribe via 'Member Access' on www.rotary.org

Rotary International website: Type: Membership Minute in the search bar

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