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Rotaract Tamar Valley

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After raising more than $2500 in its biggest fundraiser to date, the Rotaract Club of Tamar Valley has donated to Edmund Rice Camps Tasmania to fund an event for children and the purchase of 26 new board games.

Edmund Rice Camps is a statewide, not for profit, volunteer driven organisation that provides young people with experiences they may not otherwise have.

Chairman Anthony Chapman said the children who take part might not have had the experiences for a variety of reasons from financial issues, mental health or not living at home.

“What the donation does is provide more activities for the kids on camp,” he said.

“We run on a pretty tight budget and we don’t have a lot of money to spend on the extras, so to have something like this come on board it just means that kids can have a sense of normality when they come on the camps and that there are lots of different activities for them, it’s fantastic.”

The Rotaract Club of Tamar Valley consists of 18 to 30-year-olds who meet bi-weekly and is a part of Rotary International.

The club’s major fundraiser was a Bingo Night held on Friday, October 21.

What the donation does is provide more activities for the kids on camp


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