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Rotary Districts Australia Bush-fire appeal

Past Rotary International World President Ian Risely reaches out to our Rotary friends here and around the world. It helps enormously to know that you are thinking of us. Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) has a fund supporting bushfire recovery through which you can donate from outside Australia. Put https://rawcs.org.au/ into your browser and follow the blue "Donate Now" button.

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SUPERTEE _ Every Child Deserves to be a Super Hero

SUPERTEE - helping little superheroes fight big battles.

Rotary Club of Mobling inspired by the Aloisi family's story, are workig with the Women's and Childrens Hospital through its Foundation to empower children undergoing invasive medical treatment.


Rotary Videos on Vimeo

Be Inspired by the stories of Rotary and Rotarians https://vimeo.com/user16025018

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Food Plant Solutions

In 2015, approximately 2,600,000 children under the age of 5 died from malnutrition linked causes. Like polio, hunger and malnutrition is preventable. Like polio, Food Plant Solutions needs extensive partnerships. Like polio, a long-term commitment is needed.

We are calling on all Rotarians to follow ‘End Polio Now’ with ‘End Malnutrition NOW’  Please contact us at info@foodplantsolutions.org to became part of ‘End Malnutrition NOW’

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ROMAC provides surgical treatment for children in Australia and New Zealand from developing countries from our Pacific Region in the form of Life Giving and/or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to them in their home country.

Topics: health education,  disability,  medical aid,  surgery,  overseas aid


Rotary Youth Exchange

Bringing the World's Youth Together

Today, most people have heard of the Rotary Student Exchange, the world's biggest and best known student cultural exchange program. But not everyone would know that it came about thanks to Australian Rotarians.

Topics: youth exchange,  youth development,  travel news


Australian Rotary Health

Developing One of Australia's Most Vital Medical Research Funds

Australian Rotary Health (ARH) was founded in 1981 to provide support for research into the causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Topics: medical research,  mental health research,  mental health,  disease prevention


Putting Smiles on Faces - Interplast

Interplast is a Rotary driven intiative to improve the quality of life for people with disability who are disabled as a result of congenital or acquired medical conditions, such as cleft lip and palate or burn scar contractures.