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To join Rotary

Call: 1300 4 768 279

Email: membership@rotarydownunder.org

There are many ways to join Rotary and becoming a member is the best way to gain exposure to full inclusion in Rotary’s programs and activities. You can also volunteer on fundraising projects, donate to Rotary programs, become a corporate partner or sponsor, or volunteer for overseas aid work.

You are invited to attend your local Rotary Club meeting, or contact us to talk first.  Let us know how you would like to get involved. When we align our goals and work together, we see rewards in the world around us.

The benefits

Joining or aligning your organisation with your local Rotary Club can help you build new friendships and business networks.  You will have the opportunity to collaborate with teams to improve the lives of others both within your community, and around the world.

Rotary projects you can get involved with cover the following areas:

  • Global peace and conflict resolution
  • Disease prevention
  • Water and sanitation
  • Maternal and child health
  • Education and literacy, and
  • Economic and community development.

Rotary will help you to help others. We think you’ll have fun along the way too.


Find a Club

There are over 1400 Rotary clubs across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. To find a club near you, search the map below OR for an Alphabetical Search, visit Rotary Down Under

Alternatively, if you are interested to set up a new Rotary Club in your community please phone: +61 2 8894 9800.


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